What is sustainable investing?
Is an explainer video that takes a deep dive into the foundations of sustainable investing and the opportunities it offers to investors, particularly in private markets.
Role: Concept, Project Management, Video Editing & Colorist
Investing in private equity portfolio funds
Is a fireside chat featuring the Head of Investments and Investment Director, where they discuss the advantages of investing in private equity portfolio funds, highlighting Moonfare's portfolio products.
Role: Producer, Camera & Video Editor
These animated videos are created to highlight the new office openings of Moonfare around the globe.
Role: Concept & Producer
Q&A Video
This animated video is one of a few examples where we engage with investors on social media and get their opinion on important topics.
Role: Concept & Producer
SEries C Announcement
This video was created to celebrate and thank everyone that supported the $125M Series C milestone.
Role: Concept & Producer
Secondary market
This product video features the semi-annual digital secondary market auction that gives investors seeking early liquidity a chance to sell their allocations to other members on the Moonfare platform.
Role: Concept & Producer

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