Here's a video diary of how my day looked liked, living in Copenhagen.

Role: Role: Director, Cinematographer, Video Editor & Colorist

Credits: Eleonora & Emil

This is a story about the protagonist’s previous relationship and how she’s coping with that loss through the final stage of grief. The film is composed of sequences from her past and present life. The short film explores how she copes with her emotions, which are depicted through poetic narration and cinematic perspective.
Role: Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Video Editor & Colorist
Credits: Markus Landén, Agnes Gripenskans, Aida Tewedros & Kristine Notar

The Music Video of My Summer, 2016

This is the one of the few travel vlogs I’ve created on my YouTube Channel where I show the adventures I had with my friends when we visited Málaga and Córdoba.
Role: Cinematographer & Video Editor
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